Jul 08, 2024
Why your home is a portal for self connection

Home is a signifier of self. Home is an representation of who we are as people + an extension of the people who live in that space. Years ago when I used to move home every year or two in Melbourne + my Mum would come to visit, she would walk in + say, even if I walked in off the street and I did not know that this was your new home, I would know that this was your new home. Everything in this space represents you, this is an extension of you, this is you in a nutshell, this is you in a home.


I would respond by saying to my Mum, that, that is exactly what a home is meant to be. A home is meant to be a signifier of self. It is meant to be a portal for self connection, where everything in that home actually fuels us to be the best possible version of us. If we cannot relate to the things in our home, if those things around us do not represent who we are, then our home cannot be a portal for self connection.


That is what a home is. It’s a place where we can go at the end of the day + feel safe and connected. If those things in our home do not connect us, then our home is not helping us to be connected. What is it about your home that makes you feel connected? What is it about your home that makes you feel disconnected?



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