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Hi There,
I’m Anastasia! 

Walking into my clients homes + turning chaos into calm, is how my business first began many years ago. I would see so many people around me, face enormous challenges on a daily basis, to complete household tasks in a seamless way, whilst maintaining a functional home. Many were completely overwhelmed + living in a chaotic state, which impacted not only them and their nervous system, yet all of the inhabitants in their home.

This was the impetus for me to give them tools + systems, to bring ease into their homes + into their lives. Working with them, I was able to swap their frazzled days for foundational elements, that changed the entire way they lived in their houses. These simple tools turned their dysfunctional houses into the warmest, most welcoming family homes, where a new relaxed version of the inhabitants enjoyed their lives.
The shifts were profound. 

I now help people create the home of their dreams, in their current house. I help elevate them to extract more out of their life + live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of living, surrounded by beautiful interiors inside soulful sanctuaries. It brings me the ultimate joy to help people find ease + flow in their lives. 


Space + Energetics Masterclass

A Masterclass with 10 Modules (more like a mini-course), where you’ll learn simple tools that bring profound results. Tools that change the way you live in your home + work in your workplace. 

You will acquire knowledge in how to cultivate a deeper relationship with your home + unblock the blockages currently preventing flow and ease within your home.

You will gain the confidence required to create a soulful sanctuary that supports you, elevates you, inspires you + ignites you. A space that invites you to tap into more of who you truly are + what you came here to do.

You will receive tips, tricks + cheat sheets on how, why + when, to simplify solutions and make this a fun, enjoyable and exciting project that you cannot wait to begin!



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