Jun 17, 2024

What is the very first thing you see every morning when you wake up in your bedroom + you open your eyes? What’s the thing that’s in your vision, in your eyeline, that greets you each + every day? That thing you see, sets the tone for your day, it sets a vibration + an expectation. Is that thing a pile of clothes at the end of the bed, cobwebs on the ceiling, dirty curtains you’ve been meaning to wash? Is it a pile of boxes you haven’t brought yourself to sort through or messy books on a desk that sits in your bedroom corner?

Or do you wake up + open your eyes to see something that lights you up, that makes excited to leap out of bed + begin your day? Is that thing that you see, the thing you actually want to see first thing in the morning? Is that the most beautiful awakening from your slumber that you want to give yourself, or is there something more pleasurable that you could witness as you begin your day?

Dr Joe Dispenza says when you wake up in the morning + your senses plug you into a 3 dimensional reality, your environment is controlling the majority of the way you are thinking + feeling. In fact you need the environment to actually feel something. It’s like a kick starter for your system. Whatever you see, your brain interprets as visual information. These sensory inputs are processed by your brain, which then constructs your perception of reality. You have enormous control over what is around you, therefore your perception of reality. So ask yourself, how do I want to feel when I first wake up in the morning + then open your eyes to something that matches that reality.

Joe Dispenza is a scientist, teacher, lecturer + author of several globally renowned books. He has studied these topics most of his adult life. So there’s a simple message in this. CHANGE your environment. CHANGE your perspective. CHANGE your life.

Every piece you bring into your space, either contributes to the positive vibrational energy, or detracts from the positive vibrational energy. Once you understand this, you’ll be much more conscious, of what you allow into your home. You are the product of your environment. All the elements you choose, bring an energy, to your space. They bring an attitude + they bring an expression. You can change this at any time.


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