Jun 24, 2024
Simple ways to create flow in your home

Someone said to me recently that they really need to make sure they’re mixing their life up so it doesn’t become stale. They are now having a pattern interrupt or circuit breaker where they change their schedules around consistently, on a regular basis. This way their everyday rituals and day-to-day routines don’t become mundane + boring + bland + stagnant and they don’t feel stuck.

I said isn’t that the same thing we need to do with our home as well as our life? If we live the majority of time in our home + our home is not flowing with ease, then it’s very challenging for our life to flow with ease, because it’s one in the same.

Our home really determines the quality of our life to a large degree. So if we want our life to feel flowing with ease, then we start in our home. If that is flowing with ease, we have a much better chance of having our life feeling like it’s flowing with ease.

It’s infinite. It goes both ways. Our home is our life + our life is our home. It’s a connection point, a portal for self connection. So if our home feels stuck. Most likely we feel stuck. What is happening outside of us, is happening inside of us. What is happening inside of us, is being reflected on the outside. When we refer to our home, we are not talking about a house. A house is merely a structure with four walls + a roof to protect us from the elements. A home is something we create within that house structure.


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