May 16, 2024
Makeover your home without spending a cent

Editing, have you heard of it? Not the book editing type, yet home editing. Editing is the practice of removing things from your home that you no longer need, that are no longer serving you or have no useful purpose in your life, right now.

Editing is the most simple, powerful tool I use with my clients + have for many years, to makeover their home, without spending a cent. It’s not about going out + buying a whole house full of new furniture. In fact it’s about removing things rather than adding things, that often brings the most dramatic results.

Editing can be done anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Editing costs absolutely nothing + editing can be done by anyone. Consultations with my clients often start by editing + people are blown away because it costs nothing, it is so simple + it has the most profound results. All I mean by editing is simply removing something from your home, your office or even your car. I use this tool myself on a regular basis when I’m creating my home or a new workspace. I also use it when my home begins to feel a bit stagnant or full.

Everything in our space either contributes to the positive vibrational energy or detracts from the positive vibrational energy, because every single thing in our space is moving energy. All you need to do is remove one thing from that space + notice the difference. It will be mind-blowing + you’ll be hooked as you’ll want to create more of this incredible feeling. Try it today + feel the difference.


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