Jun 10, 2024

Did you read that right? How could our homes be too comfortable, is that even a thing? Well, the comfort zone is comfortable for a reason, people often get stuck there + do not move forward. It’s sort of like a limbo. Our houses are the same. They may have felt comforting at one point. Now they just feel familiar, which doesn’t feel good after a while. It definitely does not feel expansive or exhilarating. It definitely does not excite you or ignite you. There’s no freshness, there’s no spark, no aliveness. It feels flat, dull + diminishes our enthusiasm simply by being there.

There’s a fine line between comfortable + comforting. Comforting can often enable unhealthy behaviours + reinforce harmful patterns. Comforting is sometimes sought, to avoid us facing reality or dealing with emotions. Comforting can stifle personal growth + diminish development. When we’re seeking comfortable, yet find ourselves stuck in comforting…

This is WHEN we need to infuse our home with new energy, with vitality + vigour. This is HOW we create a new feeling in our space, a new landing pad if you like. It’s WHY our homes require a new identity, a new place of being to match our growth + align with our needs. This is the fun part. Allow this creating to enliven your spirit, to stimulate your senses like you’re a child all over again, finding fun in the simplest of things. Immerse yourself deep in the process, invite it to captivate you + rejuvenate you, that is what a home is for!


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