May 16, 2024
Infuse Vitality and Vibrancy into your home


Can you imagine how you would feel if you never left your home. In fact if you never moved from a corner within your home. You just stayed in that corner of your home without moving, literally without moving. Can you imagine how stagnant, how stuck, how heavy, how dense, your energy would be.

Everything in life is moving energy. So think about that vase in your home, in the corner of your home, that you haven’t moved for a long, long, long, time. That chair, that lamp + anything else in that space, that you have not moved for a long time. Think of that thing, with the energy that it holds, as the same energy, that you would hold, if you were in that corner of that space, without moving, for a long, long, long time.

Imagining this scenario, is the first step to understanding how we can create more energy in our home (+ our workplace) to bring levity, lightness + a feeling of effervescence to the space. Moving pieces around regularly shifts the energy instantly. It feels different immediately. Repositioning furniture + rearranging decor is a great place to start. Cleaning deeply + cleaning regularly is vital in cultivating a fresh, sparkly home.

Simple, easy activities like washing curtains, airing floor rugs outside in the sunshine, changing bed sheets regularly, cleaning windows + ceiling fans, are all practical ways to saturate your home with a euphoric feeling of zest.

When we take care of our homes, our homes take care of us. The more love we give them, the more love they will give us. Holding space is what our homes do for us. They hold space for us in every way. They hold space for our emotions, for our expressions, for us to release + let go + also for us to open up and receive. Our homes have a big job. And it’s not just us, it’s our partner, our family, our flatmate, our friends, our pets + anyone who lives with us, in fact anyone who visits us. That’s what our homes do for us. So the more we give them, the more they can give us. It’s a reciprocal cycle of giving + receiving energy.

Have fun with this process and make it a family affair. Get everyone involved to spread the love around. The love of giving + receiving so a deeper connection can emerge, during this regular practice you’ve now decided to gift yourself, as a beautiful act of self care.


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